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My Kingdom

My Kingdom has no castle, no rolling hills and no moat. It’s my personal space…the 24 inches around me, which I must defend to the death, without guns, barbed wire or attack dogs, especially on the subway.

"My Kingdom"
2013 - 2014, 4 Minutes

My Kingdom was inspired by a crowded rush hour subway ride in NYC. I kept getting vibes from the girl squished in next to me that I was in her space. And of course I felt that SHE was in MY space; both of us were clearly experiencing growing anxiety and annoyance. As the train was stopping, we both bolted for the door, then raced across the crowded platform, charged up one flight, then another – we’re running up, breathless, I’m thinking that maybe I’ve gone crazy – and on the third and last flight, at the top of the stairs, my opponent turned around, smirking, and offered me the middle finger salute, which I graciously returned as the insanity of the situation hit me.

Festivals and Awards

The Blue Sky International Animation Festival | Wooster, OH
Florida Film Festival | Maitland, FL
Big Muddy Film Festival | Carbondale, IL
Queens World Film Festival | Jackson Heights, NY
Tally Shorts Film Festival | Tallahassee, FL
Oporto International Film Festival | Porto, Portugal
Independent Days Film Festival | Karlsruhe, Germany
Claremont 5 Second Film Festival | Claremont, CA
Woodstock Film Festival | Woodstock, NY
Hamptons Film Festival | New York, NY
ReAnimania Festival | Yerevan, Armenia
Ojai Film Festival | Ojai, CA
Cucalorus Film Fest | Wilmington NC
Palm Springs International ShortFest | Palm Springs, CA
Independent Days 15 | Filmfest in Germany
Animatricks Animation Festival in Helsinki
Arizona International Film Festival
Women in Comedy Film Festival in Boston
60 Seconds or Less Film Festival in Maryland
Woodstock Film Festival Best Animated Short Award 


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