The “Interestings”

My first post for my new website is not exactly fresh news but this is the first time that I have publicly mentioned my small role in helping Meg Wolitzer with her glorious novel “The Interestings”.  My wonderfully talented friend Laura Mac Donald* gave Meg my name and in 2011 I had the privilege to be the first to read Megs manuscript and to offer advice on the animation industry and the artistic life of her main character Ethan Figman.  Ethan creates a world he calls Figworld, which becomes an animation industry unto itself. ( much in the tradition of the Simpsons and Family Guy).  The Interestings is centered the relationships of friends that date back to a camp they attended in childhood, where Ethan learned to animate in the animation shack (I wish my camp had a such a wondrous shed – instead of tennis and softball) . This is totally absorbing book has an animator’s brilliant success at its core – and the complex affect that success has on all his friends and their relationships. Helping Meg Wolitzer was an honor that I am very proud to finally share.

*As an animation related note that I got to know Laura McDonald  after meeting her at a party and offering to let her use my batch scanner  to scan historical documents for her acclaimed non fiction book “Curse of the Narrows “ ( which is amazingly engrossing account of a wartime maritime  explosion in a Canadian harbor that left almost an entire city blinded )  I include the amazon links for both wonderfully engrossing books here:

 “The Interestings”

by Meg Wolitzer

“Curse of the Narrows”

by Laura Mac Donald